Enemy Of My Enemy (Terra Nova #1) Discover Ben Ohlander David Drake Book iBook

  • Posted on: 15 January 2014
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Enemy Of My Enemy (Terra Nova, #1)
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29 ratings
Stars Rating: 3.45 of 5 stars
Book Info: Paperback, 368 pages Book's Category: "Science Fiction"
Book Tags: Science Fiction Published First Time: November 1st 1995 by Baen Books

Ebook Review:

Humans colonized the planet of New Hope in the Centauri system, but the planet's name was rapidly becoming an unintended irony, as well-armed quarreling clans feuded with each other and the body-count climbed. Two of the most powerful clans, the Tuchmans and the Wings of Skywing, have been at each other's throats for years.